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The improvised explosive device threat

Improvised Explosive Device Threat SolutionsThroughout history, and with varying results, terrorists have repeatedly resorted to the indiscriminate use of improvised explosive devices (IED’s) to advance their ideological or political goals. IED’s receive high media coverage, they are inexpensive, comparatively easy to produce and in many cases can be very difficult to counter. Because of their very attractive risk/benefit ratio, they have become the terrorist’s preferred weapon of choice.


Terrorist Threat to aviation assetsThe IED is naturally one of the most dangerous and effective weapon systems currently threatening aviation.  As seen in recent conflicts around the globe, IED attacks can have destabilizing and destructive effects on both the general public and the economy.  Crucially, whereas traditional terror groups such as the ETA and FARC favour economic and political targets, the new breed of jihadist terrorists are particularly attracted to aviation targets and mass casualty events. This is exemplified by recent attacks on a Sri Lankan airport and the near-catastrophic attack on Glasgow Airport using a fuel air explosives (FAE) device. The use of suicide IEDs on aircraft and airport terminal buildings is one of the principle vulnerabilities at present.


Improvised explosive device terrorist threat to marine assetsCovering more than 130 million square miles of the earth’s surface, most of the planet’s maritime environment takes the form of high seas that lie beyond the strict jurisdiction of any one state.  Analysts, law enforcement officials, and policymakers have become increasingly concerned about the increasing likelihood of maritime terrorist attacks.
The maritime enviraonment possesses some unique characteristics that make it attractive to terrorist operations, including the immensity of the high seas and the often inadequate security measures in coastal areas and facilities in many parts of the world. Maritime attacks, specifically IED attacks against high value targets such as shipping and offshore energy installations, have the potential to inflict significant harm and are likely to cause significant disruption to the global economy.  The IED has become the international terrorist’s choice weapon of warfare.  Not only do they have the inherent capability to cause significant damage, they are the most convenient catalysts to a catastrophic failure of a ship or offshore installation.


Counter Improvised Explosive DevicesKratos Enterprises Ltd through its extensive experience in the field of Counter-Terrorism and Explosive Ordnance Disposal facilitates the training, services and products required to protect companies and their staff from the host of criminal and terrorist acts that threaten them.
The Kratos C-IED methodology is to overcome the threat, through a series of integrated and fully-cohesive preventative measures aimed at defeating or disrupting the terrorist at every stage of attack process.  By combining cutting-edge tactics, techniques and procedures with state of the art intelligence, security and technical assets, Kratos is able to advise and assist its commercial, military and law-enforcement clients in all aspects of the IED network defeat process.


Improvised Explosive Device Incident ManagementWhen criminals and terrorists do succeed in their objectives the most critical period for the victims can be the time taken to respond, take control and restore normality to the scene.  This is especially the case where incidents have increasing economic as well as national impact on the organisations involved.  An effective, well organised and prepared response can significantly mitigate the effects of the disaster and could save lives, protect the environment and minimise financial loss.  Kratos Enterprises Ltd provides an extensive range of services and training designed to assist with all aspects of Crisis Management.


Technical Explosives Advise and Expert Witness Services For BusinessKratos Enterprises also offers a host of specialist consultancy solutions aimed at the wider Public and Private sectors as well as more specific technical advisory services to the Media, Film and EOD industries.  The services are extensive, ranging from subject matter experts, able to assist the court or jury as an expert witness on matters where ordinary, everyday experience is insufficient to technically accurate advice on military and terrorist matters for news and film research, and IED awareness training for journalists and crews.

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Kratos Enterprises Ltd is a specialist consultancy providing global counter-improvised explosive device solutions.

Counter Improvised Explosive Devices.
By combining cutting-edge tactics, techniques and procedures with state of the art intelligence

Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD).
Detection, identification, evaluation, rendering safe, recovery, and final disposal of IEDs.

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comprehensive seminars for government, military and law enforcement as well as to the media and the wider business communities.

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